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Eyebrows are the most important and expressive features on the face. They create the frame for the face, the visual outline of expression. When we create the right shape, it can give a natural lift and open up the eyes, thus taking years off for the mature clients.

Balance is the key attribute to well shaped eyebrows that will give your face and properly shaped eyebrows will open up the center of your face. They have had their fashion trends throughout the years, from shaved off to pencil thin or thick and unruly. Some can look surprised, angry and even sad. So being properly applied is very important. They can make a wide face look narrower and a narrow face look wider.

But most importantly Permanent Eyebrows allow brows that are too thin, sparse or non-existent to be beautifully enhanced and improved with permanent makeup. Beautiful and professionally shaped brows, customized in conjunction with your bone structure provide an uplifting, youthful and refreshed appearance to the entire eye. The eyebrows are one of the most popular of all the procedures.

Eyebrows created with permanent makeup are achieved with a special blend of pigment colours that will give off a dimensional affect. Unlike the traditional eyebrow makeup that is applied with a pencil, permanent makeup eyebrows tend to emphasize the eyes and have a more realistic look. These effects are quite pleasing and often it is difficult to tell that permanent cosmetics have been applied.


Go for a more natural look!

This technique is distinctly different from other methods and designs. Tiny angled hair strokes are drawn into the eyebrow area following the natural grown pattern to simulate the look of eyebrows. The result is dimensional and natural, instead of rigid and harsh.

Since there is minimal trauma to the skin, healing time is rapid and results immediate. Be ready to go out for dinner the same day! The traditional method of implanting colour into the skin involves a type of mechanical tattoo gun that creates bold results that are suitable for body tattoos, but not for the delicate features of the face.

The artist will apply the permanent colour by tattooing each individual hair stroke one by one, building with short and long strokes, following the pattern of your natural eyebrows.


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