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Eyeliner gives expression and are always a focal point. Some clients like a subtle or dramatic- customized permanent eyeliner that will accentuate their eye colour and shape, Beautify your eyes by providing depth, definition, colour and the illusion of fuller lashes. Whatever your preference, eyeliner is a must.

Every client has a different sharpe to their eyes. Some are small, others big and round while some have that perfect almond shape. Properly applied eyeliner can make a small eye look bigger, but too much can make a small eye look even smaller.

For this and other reasons Permanent Eyeliner is a success. It is also very popular, especially with women who wear contact lenses, are allergic to conventional makeup, or who may have had tremors due to certain diseases. The technician can create a variety of looks ranging from a soft line to a more heavily applied dark line. It is all according to the clients wishes. Eyeliner is the single most sought after procedure!

Your Eyeliner will never smear. With permanent liner, you are free from smudgy, dark circles under your eyes due to makeup products. It’s great after a workout, swimming, anytime!! Soft, dark, natural – Eyeliner gives the face great appe al, framing the eyes delicately and provocatively!

Properly applied permanent eyeliner tattoo will give depth to your eyes, enhance the colour of your eyes, and make small eyes look bigger and sexier. We can reshape sad looking eyes and make round eyes more oval looking. No more struggling with time consuming eyeliner application. With permanent eyeliner, you will no longer have to deal with smears, smudges and uneven liner that is either too thick or too thin.


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