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Skin Culture Peel

Skin culture peel is the most scientifically advanced formulation ever created to enhance your skin and reverse the signs of aging.

How the Peeling Treatments Work…

The skin peel works by starving the outer layers of skin (the epidermal) of oxygen causing the skin to die and then peel away.
One of the major benefits of is that it makes the skin produce BIOSTIMULINS, a substance that helps cells survive, causing collagen fibers to strengthen and excessive oiliness to normalize.
This in turn makes the skin feel tight and smoother.

  1. The Peel range numbering 1000 through 4000
  2. The number indicates the strength and depth of the epidermis being penetrated and exfoliates.
  3. Peel 1000 – removes one layer of skin
  4. Peel 2000 – removes two layers of skin
  5. Peel 3000 – removes three layers of skin
  6. Peel 4000 – removes four layers of skin

Peel 4000 is the deepest, most penetrating peel, producing the best results.
Removes deep cellular dirt and debris and rough, thickened damaged skin.
Results given by this treatment are unmistakable!
Skin feels softer, smoother, and best of all younger looking.

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