AFA Clay Peel

Unlike glycolic acids, AHAs, and other alpha hydroxy acids, AFAs or Amino Acid Filaggrin-based Antioxidants are stable but strong exfoliants and antioxidants that don’t cause irritation on the skin.

They work very well in treating sun damage, large pores, ageing skin, and acne. They also make the skin smooth. Nevertheless, they are still potent since they can mix small molecules with a low pH. These small molecules can get into the skin, and the pH works effectively as a keratolytic.

The unique features of AFAs:
  1. Stable and strong antioxidants
  2. Powerful yet generally gentle on the skin
  3. Better retention of moisture in the skin
Advantages of AFAs:
  1. 3x better antioxidant strength compared to AHAs
  2. Provide better moisture retention
  3. No photosensitizing
  4. Compared to AHAs, they cause less irritation
  5. Quick and visible improvements often after several days
  6. Effective against sun damage
AFAs Are Effective Exfoliants

AFAs are very effective exfoliants due to a low PH and small molecule size that allows them to effectively penetrate the skin. This two-step peel treatment is great for acne-prone skin. When combined with Skin Photo Rejuvenation, it is also an effective treatment against many ageing skin conditions.

What do AFA’S Do?

AFAs benefit the skin in several ways: exfoliation increased hydration and antioxidant input in the skin. Your skin will begin to feel smoother and softer immediately as hydration increases and exfoliation begins to take place. Skin tone will appear brighter and sun damage will even out through the combination of the anti-oxidation and exfoliation.

Who Will Benefit from AFA’s

AFAs have been used successfully on all skin types including darker skin tones. It is recommended for people with uneven pigmentation or sun-damaged skin, sensitive skin, very dry skin, fine lines, individuals going through microdermabrasion, or just someone looking for something new.

The unique features of AFAs:
  1. Promote greater moisture retention in human skin, directly related to the Natural Moisture Factors (NMF)
  2. Potent stable antioxidants
  3. Extremely powerful exfoliants, with little to no irritation
How many treatments are recommended?

You will see immediate results after your first treatment. If you are treating an acute skin issue such as acne, the number of treatments will be dependant on the severity of the problem. AFA Peels should have a minimum of two weeks between treatments. AFA peels are most effective when completed as a series of 6 treatments done biweekly. Using the AFA gels between treatments at home will help maintain the results achieved from the in-office peels.

AFA Peel Process

The first step is applying our AFA clay mask to pre-exfoliate the skin and remove any dirt and oils. After that, we use our AFA Peel which has the ideal potency of the AFA antioxidant.

Do take note that patients using Accutane are not allowed to undergo this procedure. It’s also not suitable for those with sensitive and dry skin and rosacea. In addition, patients with a history of herpes need to be treated first, following the standard protocols.

Lastly, patients must not use their AFA gel or other exfoliating products the night before they have AFA clay peel. Men are also advised against shaving before the treatment.

  1. The patient should not use their AFA gel, or any other exfoliating product (including Retin A and retinol) the evening before the procedure as well as the evening of the procedure.
  2. Men should avoid shaving immediately before the procedure.
What can you expect?

After the procedure, you can expect some redness for a few hours. After that, you should see improvement in your skin’s texture, touch, and smoothness. You can also see its effectiveness on dryness, sun damage, and fine lines after a few applications.

You can notice your skin flaking or exfoliate within 24 to 48 hours. If skin irritation persists, call us. We often recommend this treatment for six sessions that are conducted two weeks apart.

Precautionary measures to take

Don’t use other acid skincare products when undergoing AFA treatment. Using AHA or BHA skincare products beforehand can cause unwanted reactions.

How does it work?

For this, we use a flash lamp or pulsed light. This method treats the skin by using light energy. First, the skin absorbs this energy depending on the wavelengths we use. Then, the energy is changed into heat which provides a significant effect on the surrounding tissues.

As a result, the appearance of the skin becomes better because of the slight tissue damage.

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