Massage Therapy in Ajax

Hot Stone Massage
1⁄2 hr $69 | 1 hr $110
Basalt Lava Stones help increase circulation, improve muscle aches, soreness and reduce overall stress.
Pregnancy Massage
1⁄2 hr $69 | 1 hr $99
A euphoric experience for both the mom to be and baby. Focusing the massage on areas affected by pregnancy will increase circulation, reduces swelling and helps to relieve back and leg cramping.
Relaxing Body Massage
1/2 hr $55 | 1 hr $90
Aromatic oils and regulating pressure massage is applied to release tension in the body, relax muscles, improve circulation and increase range of motion, bringing you to a profound state of mind. Aroma steam bath is highly recommended before the Massage.
Swedish Scalp Massage
1⁄2 hr $55 | 1 hr $90
This treatment is preformed to help relieve stress and tension in head and neck area. A great add on to any massage or facial treatment.
Deep Tissue Massage
1⁄2 hr $55 | 1 hr $90
A firm hand is used to release tension in deep layers of tissue. This ancient technique will relieve chronic pain and release endorphin's that promote feelings of deep relaxation and well-being.
Honey Massage
1⁄2 hr $65
Honey is well known for its medicinal properties. Its anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant properties are perfect for drawing toxins out of the body, as well as preserve and heal skin.
Foot Massage
1⁄2 hr $55 | 45 mins $79
The stimulation of nerves in your feet open up energy channels allowing homeostasis to occur and give your body the chance to replenish.
Cupping Massage
1⁄2 hr $65 | 1 hr $100
This technique stimulates blood flow on specific points on the body in order to promote healing. It enhances circulation, helps relieve pain, reduces heat, and pulls out toxins through suction.
Body Therapy

Registered Massage Therapist
1⁄2 hr $55 | 1 hr $90
RMT Hot Stone Massage
1⁄2 hr $69 | 1 hr $110
Extended health care insurance will be covered.
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