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Does Fat Freezing Work?

How often do you stand in front of a mirror and pinch off some fat? Attaining a slimmer physique has always been a common cosmetic goal for everyone. However, many of you can agree that getting that perfect body is easier said than done.

Weight loss needs dedication, commitment, sacrifice, time, and effort. Sometimes, you may be looking for spot reduction, which you have been told time and again how impossible it is. So, what do you do? Learn about fat freezing and try our Cryoscultping treatment at our Medi Spa in Ajax!

Intro to Fat Freezing

Fat freezing, medically known as Cryoscultping, is a non-surgical and non-invasive medical weight loss procedure. The procedure relies on destroying fat cells in target areas by freezing the fat cells and is an alternative for liposuction.

How Does Cyroscultping Work?

Fat freezing works in an easy yet effective way to shed some weight. During the procedure, you will tell the professional the precise area where you want to reduce weight. They will then send a precise cooling on the spot through your screen.

Don’t let the term freezing scare you. The cooling is cold enough to kill fat cells and will not damage your skin or other body tissues. Some weeks after the procedure, your body will get rid of the dead fat cells, and with time, you will achieve a slimmer physique.

Benefits of Fat Freezing

The main advantage of fat freezing is that you reduce unwanted fat in targeted areas of your body. Nonetheless, it has more to offer. Other advantages include:

Spot Reduction

We all have different body types, which means our bodies store and accumulate fat in various locations. Often, the fat is stored in places we don’t want. So, unlike losing weight that you can’t rely on to target a specific area, you choose where to burn the fat with fat freezing.

The procedure allows targeting specific areas of your body. Your service provider will place the applicator in a particular spot on your body to reduce fat. Coolsculpting is effective, especially on the stomach, back area, and love handles which resist exercise and dieting.

No Scarring

Any weight loss procedure that includes surgery will leave a scar on you; there is absolutely no way around it. Although the scar can be small and discrete, why not avoid scarring if you can? Fat freezing is a suitable alternative to surgical procedures because it is not incisive. Thus, it will not leave a scar. Remember, some people have sensitive skin that could develop prominent scars.

Cheaper Than Surgery

You have probably come across liposuction and its effectiveness when it comes to spot reduction. However, you can agree that the price is exorbitant, probably because of the surgical procedures and medication involved. Fat freezing is as effective as liposuction for weight loss. The main difference between the two is that Coolsculpting does not include any surgical procedures and the results are not immediate.

Versatile Treatment

The best thing about fat freezing is that it is ideal for different regions of your body. It can treat:

  • Back
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • “Double Chin”- below the chin
  • Upper arms
  • Bra bulge
  • “Banana roll”- below your buttocks


Ideal For Busy Schedules

You can agree adulating is tough, and you barely have time to yourself. Other target reduction methods like liposuction need several hours of preparation for the surgery and a few days to rest and recover before getting back to strenuous activity.

Fat Freezing in Ajax

Luckily, the Coolsculpting procedure is hurdle-free and consumes less of your time. The process takes less than an hour, and there is no downtime. Also, the side effects are mild and manageable, like soreness, redness, or numbness in the target area. Coolsculpting is a suitable choice for anyone looking for a permanent and non-invasive way to lose weight. So search for a medical spa in Ajax that can provide professional results!

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