Contouring Treatment in Ajax

This treatment uses the most advanced technology and uses it for contouring your body and tightening your skin while rejuvenating your face. The treatment is the first to use radio frequency along with ultrasound to give you the best results. It addresses all of your skin tightening concerns along with your body contouring.

What Can This Treatment Do For You?

  • By this treatment you can reduce the stubborn fat which is deposited in various body parts.
  • It can tighten the loose skin on your stomach.
  • It can also be performed for postpartum tightening for your abdomen.
  • It can improve the loose skin hanging under your jaw line.
  • It can improve the skin by miles around your neck.
  • Tones and contours the appearance of upper thighs and your knees.
  • It can also improve immensely the under bra deposits of fats.
  • It can be used to treat fat on your upper arm and thighs.
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Why Do People Say Yes To This Treatment?
  • This radiofrequency treatment along with ultrasound technology entitles you to go through a more cost effective and affordable treatment.
  • The treatment also gives you the privilege of ensuring how optimal frequency is given to the areas of major concern by reducing fat, and focusing on the tissues. The energy transmitted is highly adjustable is constantly under monitoring to give the best possible results.
  • The treatment does not make you go through discomfort; it is a no-pain surgery after which you can presume your day to day work, exercises or even some errands. It is a perfect fit for your schedule.
  • The patients who have been through this surgery have reported the best result which they have enjoyed post the surgery. So we can surely guarantee you high quality results up to you own set expectations.
How Does The Treatment Work?

The heating and cooling is controlled and monitored throughout the process ensuring that most time is spent on contouring the parts that require the utmost attention. The energy is diverted and delivered in the best possible way to the area being treated, monitoring and changing the power enables us to provide your tissues a deep treatment throughout the process. The temperature f your skin is also effectively monitored and controlled during the entire procedure to provide the best safety.

Addressing The Majorly Asked Questions And Queries
  • The treatment has no right candidate but every candidate is treated rightly. People above the age of 21 going on till the 70 can be treated under this procedure.
  • The treatment is hundred percent save and is being tested and proven by various agencies ensuring the best results which are delivered effectively.
  • The amount of treatments one might need depends on the area which needs to be treated. You will be given an effective plan by us catering all the individual needs.
  • The results are excellent as per rated by every of our clients. So yes you may expect extra ordinary results and you will be satisfied.
  • The treatment has n downtime which means you can easily carry on with your activities post treatment with no hindrance at all.
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