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Eyelash Extensions vs Tinting

Do you want longer and thicker eyelashes? Most women use mascara as a short-term solution for their lash problems, but often this method doesn’t provide the best results. Over time our lashes become thinner, and the colour pigments start decreasing.

If you want a long-term solution for the best lashes, you should consider getting an eyelash extension or an eyelash tinting. You can easily find these services at a beauty spa in Calgary.

If you are unsure which service works best for your needs, our article will break down eyelash extension and tinting procedures to help you decide.

Eyelash Extensions

Price: approximately $175

Treatment time: between 45 mins to 1 hour

Treatment lasts: between 6 to 8 weeks

The procedure

The eyelash extension procedure is quick and painless, so you don’t worry about these factors. The technician asks you to lie down while they work on your lashes in the process. This position gives them a better view of your lashes and makes the application process more manageable.

One by one, the technician adds a silk extension to every piece of your eyelash with an adhesive. After the extensions are applied, the technician blows light air on your eyelashes to speed up the drying process. Once your lashes are dry, you are good to go!

You can find this quick and easy process in any beauty salon in Calgary. Most beauticians will advise you to avoid water for the next 24 hours after the procedure.

The most significant advantage of lash extensions is how camera-ready your lashes look. If you want your lash procedure to look natural and authentic, an extension is a way to go. Your lashes look natural because the treatments extend them instead of changing them.

However, the downside of a lash extension is the price. A lash extension is costly, and you should expect to spend over $100 on it. Avoid procedures under $100 as they are low-quality and could ruin your natural lashes.

Some people also experience a severe reaction to the adhesive. Make sure to consider these points before getting the procedure.


Eyelash Tinting

Price: approximately $35 to $75

Treatment time: 25 minutes

Treatment lasts: between 3 to 4 weeks

The procedure

Like the previous treatment, the aesthetician makes you lie down to start the process. An eye-shaped silicon pad is placed on your eyelid with water-soluble glue. After this, the beautician curves your eyelashes back on the pad and attaches them with the same adhesive for 15 minutes.

Your eyelashes are covered in a perm lotion and then a setting lotion. Then the esthetician applies the tinting solution followed by a nourishing oil. Following these steps, the tinting process is complete. Avoid water for 24 hours.

If you want some lash definition with the upkeep of an extension procedure, tinting is the treatment for you. The tinting process is much cheaper and quicker than an extension. Unlike extensions, you don’t have to worry about using oil-based makeup products, and you keep using your mascara.

However, one of the most significant downsides of a lash tinting procedure is that the outcome is not dramatic enough. Unless you already have long and thick eyelashes, this procedure won’t make any difference to your appearance.


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Now that we have given you a breakdown of the two different procedures, you can decide which eyelash procedure best fits your needs.

If you want a quick lash treatment, go for tinting. If you want a dramatic eyelash, go for eyelash extension. Good luck with your next beauty spa treatment!

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