Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner gives expression and creates a focal point for the face. Some prefer a subtle or dramatic look. Customized permanent eyeliner will accentuate and shape your eyes by providing definition, depth, colour and even the illusion of fuller lashes. Whatever style you prefer, eyeliner is generally a must for most.

Each client has a different shape to their eyes. Some are large and round, and some are small, while others have a perfect almond shape. When properly applied, eyeliner can accentuate eyes to look naturally larger… but apply to much and it can have the opposite effect.

For this and other reasons, Permanent Eyeliner is a great option. It is also very popular, especially with women who wear contact lenses, are allergic to conventional makeup, or may have had tremors due to certain diseases. The technician can create a variety of looks ranging from a soft line to a more heavily applied dark line. It is all according to the client’s wishes. Permanent eyeliner is one of the single most sought-after procedures!

Permanent Makeup Ajax

Your Eyeliner will never smear. With permanent liner, you are free from smudgy, dark circles under your eyes due to makeup products. It’s great after a workout, swimming, anytime!! When applied properly, a permanent eyeliner tattoo will add a layer of depth to your eyes and frame your face to create a stunning look. No more wasting time every day with temporary eyeliner applications. With permanent eyeliner, you will save time and not have to deal with smudges or uneven applications.

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