Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

One can only wish of having a life free from unwanted hair. Laser hair removal treatment can make this a reality, by painlessly and permanently removing hair from almost anywhere on your body.  Laser hair removal treatment is perfect for all skin types with no damage intended whatsoever and quality results are proven.

How Does It Work?

The treatment includes carefully selecting the area of treatment, monitoring the growth; it then heats the hairs which are present in the follicles under the layer of your skin. The heat is carefully conserved and limited to only the area where the hair follicle is present, it then damages the cell of hair growth disabling it reproduce the new hair. 

The tissues which are present in the nearby area of treatment remain untouched and undamaged. Usually the client can see less growth within the first session of hair removal, the growth comes to a proper and after a few. However, the growth starts to lessen through ever procedure. The treatment is free from hurt and takes even less than an hour to be performed. The treatment can be performed over multiple body parts to stop the body hair from growing back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to say the least. This is an effectively performed treatment which is highly safe from any collateral damage. The treatment does in no way include any hurt or pain.

This treatment is the best hair removal solution one can want throughout their entire life. Anybody can benefit from such treatment as it is perfect for every skin type and works wonder in removing the hair stopping its growth from the start.

The pigment present in your hair follicle is something that converts the laser energy into heat energy ensuring permanent hair removal. Therefore it is the best for all hair colors, the less the pigment the easier it is. The higher the pigment the task is still performed so do not fret over it.

The hair follicle has to be permanently damage in order to stop growing the hair out. It may be done in the first go for a few of our clients, but it may also be half damaged in some. Therefore we can say that you may or may not need a few treatments to permanently damage the growth f your hair follicle. It depends on the type of your skin, hair and its follicle. However you may get a detailed insight to cater your individual needs t the time of treatment.

The procedure does not take long to be performed. However, one must remove any ointment, lotion or anything else before the treatment. You must shave your hair before the treatment so the treatment is given to what it is needed: that is stopping the growth of your hair follicles.

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