Micro Pigmentation Treatment

Micro-pigmentation treatment help can reduce the appearance of burn and post-operative scars. The procedures will take multiple visits spread out over 3-12 months, but the end results are definitely worth it.

Natural skin pigments can help to hide many scars that wouldn’t be removable through surgical procedures. The treatment will create the impression that the scar has been removed. Micropigmentation can augment surgical revision, providing the patient with a result closer to their desired outcome. Camouflage also corrects scars in hairlines or blending discoloration in the skin.

Custom blended colour is added to the area to harmonize with the surrounding skin. It is very beneficial for areola restoration after breast reconstruction surgery.

Scar Reduction Ajax

Skin imperfections from surgeries or other bodily injuries (including burns) can be easily camouflaged by micropigmentation’s ability to break up the scar tissue and colour it to better match your natural skin tone. Not only can surgical scars be treated in this manner but also injury scars and hair transplant scars.

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