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Skincare Tips for Young Adults

Consistency is critical for any skincare routine; the earlier you start, the better. Having a skincare routine at any age can be beneficial. Still, it’s more crucial in your late twenties because your skin cell turnover slows down as you get older, making it harder to hydrate and soften your skin naturally.

The decreasing collagen, damaging UV, and all other environmental stressors can make your skin age faster than it should. So if you want to avoid all signs of premature aging, we have the right tips to keep your skin and skincare flawless.

Double cleanse

Choosing the right cleanser is a crucial step in women’s skin care. If you aren’t already aware of the double cleanse trend, this is where you should try it out. A water-based and an oil-based cleanser will help clear your skin from all impurities.

SPF at all times

Whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, you should always wear sunscreen. A broad-spectrum SPF 30 or above would save your skin from the dangerous UV rays, which play a significant role in skin damage and aging.

Try essential oils

Essential oils have been all the rage lately, and it’s justified. They keep your skin moisturized and, more surprisingly, assist in controlling oil production. Consider adding essential oil to your routine regardless of your skin type.

Don’t forget your eye cream

Eye creams are formulated specifically to treat the delicate area around your eyes. They can also help prevent other age-related problems, such as crow’s feet and dark circles under your eyes. Eye creams are necessary to keep the skin around your eyes healthy, and a plain moisturizer won’t help!

Exfoliate on time

Exfoliation clears dead skin cells and increases cell turnover to make your skin look more radiant. Exfoliating agents help lift off old skin layers that usually shed slower with age.

You can use physical or chemical exfoliants at home, but if you want to get rid of the dead skin while having a spa day, you should treat yourself to a Beauty Spa in Ajax every once in a while.

Retinoids and hyaluronic acid

Retinoids, the umbrella term for vitamin A derivatives, and hyaluronic acid are known to support skin texture and increase rejuvenation. Both serums have been praised all over the world for the visible and long-lasting benefits they bring. If you haven’t included these in your skincare yet, you’re missing out!

Use antioxidant serums

As you grow old, your skin’s ability to regenerate will decline. This is known as oxidative stress. Including antioxidant serums with Vitamin C, E, and green tea extracts will help fight off environmental stressors and protect your skin for years to come.

Seek professional help

Using several products that aren’t suited to your skin can lead to severe consequences, and not everyone has the time for an hour-long skincare routine.

To make the most of technology and your skincare, you should try our Medical Spa Services in Ajax. A single med spa day is enough to make your skin healthier and consult specialists about your concerns.

Key takeaway

With all these great tips, there are three things you must keep in mind as well.

First, it’s essential to understand that eating healthy and consulting professionals take priority. Second, avoid harsh chemicals and lotions that might damage your skin. Third, know your skin type and choose products specifically for your needs. The team at Fresh Touch Med Spa is here to help, so book a skin care consultation today!


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